For: ArtCenter College of Design
Role: Advance brand strategy, research, planning, design, typographic, and digital/print production.

Project Overview

The Reebok project consists of an intensive research and analysis of the current brand. Then based on research findings, develop a brand strategy roadmap that will help Reebok excel in their market sector. Several design touch points were created to showcase the strategy.

studio strategy wall

Strategy Solution

DeltaX Lab is a research and design sector of forward-thinking specialists and creative-minded professionals collaborating on social, economic, and environmental issues from a strategic viewpoint to make the world a better place.

Value Proposition

DeltaX Lab is about change and transformation. We create meaningful customer-centric experiences by connecting local communities together through immersive experiences, sustainability, fitness, wellness and social change.

art of reebok exhibit & Campaign

Based on the macro trends and final strategy, Art of Reebok campaign will showcase a historical overview of the company from the 1800’s to present, the design and beauty of the shoes of the past.


  • Creation of a strong brand awareness
  • Draw in targeted archetypes
  • Educate, inspire, and ignite the future youth of possibilities in the creative field.
  • Connect local community members together
  • Evoke memories in the subconscious for those that had the opportunity to experience Reebok years ago.

Print Campaign

Art of Reebok / Book Design

Social Media Campaign

Exhibit Digital Installation

Product Design 7 Final Wall

r3 recycle campaign & program

Giving athletic wear new meaning is the greatest gift we can give to our community and earth. Recycling reduces the amount of pesticides used in cotton farming, water consumption, and pollutant emissions. The consumer can trade in old garments, give them a chance to be loved by someone else and in return they will receive credit towards their next Reebok purchase.


  • Encourage cradle-to-cradle recycling of activewear
  • Empower Eco friendly habits
  • Connect local community members together
  • Affordable activewear for everyone
  • Creation of a strong brand community

Print Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Research & Process Book

User Scenario

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