The Museum of Latin American Art, founded in 1996, is the only museum in the U.S. dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American Art. The goal of the rebrand is to give the institution a new vibrant youthful feel to drive in a young eclectic creative audience.

Type: Transmedia branding system, research, planning, design, typographic, and digital/print production


Museo Della Moda Milano is a fictitious museum located in Italy dedicated to fashion, photography and art of the avant-garde movement.

Type: Research, Digital Design, Print Design


A project of the Adobe Creative Jam, FoodMatters is a native application where people with food insecurities or on the SNAP Program can have access to fresh food. The application allows the user to search for food pantries or stores in their area that accept SNAP.

Type: UX and UI Design, Branding


CRW creates and curates a unique mix of content centered around music discovery, NPR news, cultural exploration and informed public affairs. Based on research and brand analysis, KCRW’s visual language doesn’t align to today’s current audience and trends.

Type: Transmedia branding system, research, planning, design, typographic, and digital/print production.


The Reebok project consists of an intensive research and analysis of the current brand. Then based on research findings, develop a brand strategy roadmap that will help Reebok excel in their market sector. Several design touch points were created to showcase the strategy.

Type: Advance brand strategy, research, planning, design, typographic, and digital/print production.


Svant is a mobile and smart glass system that helps young adults on the autism spectrum develop foundational adaptive, executive and social functioning skills. The system will help them live a fruitful independent live with minimal support.

Type: UX and UI Design, Branding.


ARTECHOUSE is the first of a kind innovative art space dedicated to showcasing experiential and technology driven works by artists who are forerunners of the new age in the arts and technology. With a mission to inspire, educate, and empower the creation of new, experiential and exploratory art form, Artechaus connects audiences to the arts, and stimulates interest in the limitless possibilities of technology, science and creativity.

Type: Transmedia branding system, research, planning, design, typographic, and digital/print production.


With poverty on the rise, kids from low income families lack the resources to thrive in school and into adulthood. 826 National Chapters is a non profit that provides free writing, tutoring, and publishing programs to students ages 6-18yrs from under-resourced communities.

Type: Research, Brand Strategy, Digital Design, Print Design, Packaging Design, Copywriting, Motion Design, Spatial Design


PBS Socal was looking to revamp their brand with a fresh and clean aesthetic. As the lead designer on the PBS account, I was able to capture the visual language that they were looking to communicate to their audience while keeping within their traditional brand guidelines.

Type: Logo, Annual Reports, Flyers, Digital Campaigns, Brochures, Posters/Banners, UI/UX


STP platform helps parents keep track of their child’s IEP (Individual Educational Plan) goals and progress during their time in the special day classroom.

Type: UX and UI Design

With determination and persistence, I’ve realized that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Going to Art Center was a humbling and rewarding experience, allowing me to grow and explore my creative self. Early in my life, the universe blessed me with a beautiful child. Which delayed me from going to college. I then became a self-taught designer and much of my training was done on the job. Several years later, I decided to go back to school and obtain my dream of getting a degree. I’ve had great pleasure of working on projects in multiple market sectors, which has allowed me to become a well adaptable designer.

I feel that design and the digital world is constantly evolving. I love learning new things in design because I feel that there is always room for improvement. When I am not designing, I enjoy spending time with my sons, riding my Peloton, and enjoying my guilty pleasure of watching the Bachelor and American Idol.

Top 4 favorite music artist/groups:
1. The Eagles
2. Lynyrd Skynyrd
3. Nine Inch Nails
4. Bjork

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