Museum of Latin American Art Rebrand

For: ArtCenter College of Design
Role: Transmedia branding system, research, planning, design, typographic, and digital/print production.


The Museum of Latin American Art, founded in 1996, is the only museum in the U.S. dedicated to modern and contemporary Latin American Art. The goal of the rebrand is to give the institution a new vibrant youthful feel to drive in a young eclectic creative audience.


The logomark was inspired by the mesoamerican pyramids of ancient civilizations. The color system was inspired by ethnic textiles and patterns.

Print Campaign

The print campaign helps promote the institution and the current exhibits on display. Typography used is a modern serif to evoke a classic yet modern feel giving contrast to the color system.



Social Media

Flag Pole


Spatial / Wayfinding Design


Micro Identity – La Revolution Surrealiste

In conjunction to the museum, an exhibit was created to compliment the institution. La Revolution Surrealiste is an exhibit that celebrates surreal artists from Latin America.

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