Post Ranch Inn

For: ArtCenter College of Design
Role: Transmedia branding system, research, planning, design, typographic, and digital/print production.


The Post Ranch Inn opened its doors in 1992 but its foundation lies in the coastal wilds of Big Sur more than a century and a half before. The hotel’s organic architecture embraces the striking beauty of the coastline. The goal of the re-brand is to update it’s current ecosystem to a new and fresh design complimenting the organic beauty of the hotel’s architecture while targeting a younger audience.

This school project may not reflect the views or plans of Post Ranch Inn. Images are owned and protected by the respective rights holders. Used here for demonstration purposes only.


The logo mark was inspired by the bars of a cattle branding bar and the typeface was selected to give a classic western contemporary feel. The secondary logo mark is a redesign of the previous logo which was designed by a family member of the Post Ranch Inn.


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