KCRW Rebrand

For: ArtCenter College of Design
Role: Transmedia branding system, research, planning, design, typographic, and digital/print production.


KCRW creates and curates a unique mix of content centered around music discovery, NPR news, cultural exploration and informed public affairs. Based on research and brand analysis, KCRW’s visual language doesn’t align to today’s current audience and trends.

KCRW caters to the creative class consisting of artists, writers, producers, directors, engineers, authors, designers, architects, and anyone with a curious mind. The goal is to target a younger demographic while keeping its current audience.


The logomark form was inspired by the three major services that KCRW offers (music, news, and events). The color system was inspired by the Sunset of Southern California.

Print Campaign

Based on the new positioning statement and strategy, a new print campaign was created promoting the three main services that KCRW provides targeting the creative audience to always be curious. The photography language showcases the diverse ethnicities that Southern California has to offer.


The website was stripped from light mode into dark mode while applying the new visual language. The goal for the website was to simplify its current content and focus on highlighting KCRW’s Live Session videos which were previously only posted on youtube.


The mobile application was redesigned from light mode into dark mode while applying the new visual language.

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Marketing Collateral

Strategy & Process Book

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