For: ArtCenter College of Design
Role: UX and UI Design, Branding.


Svant is a mobile and smart glass system that helps young adults on the autism spectrum develop foundational adaptive, executive and social functioning skills. The system will help them live a fruitful independent live with minimal support.


How can Svant help young adults prepare for adulthood?

Smart Glasses Solution

Features & Microinteractions

Task Manager

Svant helps young adults with autism stay on track with daily activities, appointments and medications. The user’s parent or behaviorist has the capability to program a daily routine for the adult and future tasks for the week.

Social Skills

Svant is your digital behaviorist 24/7 while you are away from your real life specialist. A comprehensive video modeling program is integrated giving the user access to thousands of social skills prompts to help with their daily life.

Support Platform

Young adults with autism face challenges on a daily basis, which can lead to depression and anxiety. Svant provides numerous tools from a meditation platform, CBT Chat Bot and support articles where individuals can learn to calm the heart and mind.


Customer Journey Map

Primary Use Case Exploration

Data Flow Structure Map