For: ArtCenter College of Design
Role: Advance brand strategy, research, planning, design, typographic, and digital/print production.


The Reebok project consist of an intensive research and analysis of the current brand. Then based on research findings, develop a brand strategy roadmap that will help Reebok excel in their market sector. Several design touch points were created to showcase the strategy.

This school project may not reflect the views or plans of Reebok

About Reebok

Reebok is an English footwear and apparel company that produces and distributes fitness, running and sportswear.


The vision of Reebok is to inspire people everywhere to be their absolute best – physically, mentally, and socially.


1895, Joseph William Foster worked in his bedroom above his father’s sweet shop in Bolton, England, and designed some of the earliest spiked running shoes. In 1958, two of the founder’s grandsons, Joe and Jeff Foster, formed “Reebok,” named after South African grey antelope.

studio strategy wall

studio strategy wall

Research & Process Book

business drivers

What can Reebok do to help?


Help the earth from the
environmental issues it faces.


Reconnect people together
as a community.


Empower inner city youth in
education, creativity and technology.

Reebok’s Solution DeltaXLab

DeltaX Lab is a research and design sector of forward-thinking specialists and creative-minded professionals collaborating on social, economic, and environmental issues from a strategic viewpoint to make the world a better place.

Value Proposition

Reebok DeltaX is about change and transformation. We create meaningful customer-centric experiences by connecting local communities together through immersive experiences, sustainability, fitness, wellness and social change.

brand attributes

steepx summary

  • Make Reebok more lifestyle brand
  • Larger brand recognition in global market
  • Projects that will encourage recycling
  • Connected fitness
  • Demand of retro look has been increasing
  • Out-of-box strategies for advertisements
  • Attain more sponsorship deals
  • Increase number of retail outlets
  • Content marketing strategies to stay relevant in the minds of the millennials.


Brand Strategy Roadmap

User Scenario

Final Designs

Building Projection Mapping

Exhibit Digital Installation

Art of Reebok: A Retrospective / Book