Mixcloud Rebrand

For: ArtCenter College of Design – Rebrand Project
Role: Print Campaign & Web Design


Mixcloud is the leading digital audio streaming platform rethinking radio for listeners, curators, and brands alike. They connect listeners to new music and ideas through radio shows, DJ mixes and Podcasts uploaded by over 1 million Curators. Our challenge was to team up with a classmate and we chose Mixcloud to rebrand.

What is Mixcloud currently lacking in their brand?

In my analysis, I found that the brand’s visual, color, and typographic language was inconsistent, their homepage was too long and not engaging for new users. Surprisingly, I found that they had not done any advertising campaigns. The goal after the analysis was to give Mixcloud a new fresh look with new messaging and a dynamic print campaign to draw in new users.

Mixcloud’s Current Branding


In a collaborative effort, my classmate and I created a new mark for Mixcloud. The mark is inspired by the purpose of mixcloud which was bringing back the DJ mixtape culture online.

Print Campaign

The goal for the print campaign was to bring in a fresh, fun and dynamic look to the brand allowing viewers to become curious and take action.


In the analysis of the website, we found that there was too much content which would make the user overwhelmed. We decided to simplify the homepage interface while adding in the new visual language.

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